Founded by Bruno & Renee Sorg in 1965, with the wines now being made by their son Francois. This is a tiny concern which produces a range of wines of staggering quality – that they remain virtually unknown can only be due to the fact the family are not natural self-publicists, and production is anyway tiny. The style of the wines veers, except in the case of the late harvest bottlings, towards the dryer end of Alsace, with the characters of the grape varieties archetypal, classic and defined, marked throughout the range by exceptional balance. Even the Gewurztraminer is quite atypical for the region, for it is dry, beautifully balanced and gently spicy. The Grands Crus (of which they own parcels in three) are subtle, complex and engaging. I think that the elegant and understated labels rather beautifully reflect the wines themselves.


Single 6 +
2018 SYLVANER Vieilles Vignes 13.95 12.70
2019 PINOT BLANC 15.95 14.70
2019 RIESLING 17.95 16.50
2019 PINOT GRIS 17.95 16.50
2019 GEWÜRZTRAMINER 17.95 16.50
Grands Crus
2018 RIESLING GRAND CRU Pfersigberg 27.95 25.50
2016 PINOT GRIS GRAND CRU Pfersigberg 27.95 25.50
2018 GEWÜRZTRAMINER GRAND CRU Pfersigberg 28.95 26.75

“Bruno Sorg is a small grower whose wines are seldom seen locally, let alone on export markets, which is a great pity, because either he is a natural winemaking genius or he accidentally makes classic wines from virtually every variety in all vintages. If anyone deserves to be known better, it is Sorg.” – Tom Stevenson, The Wines of Alsace