Probably the best property in the “Sables de Carmargue”, this 200 hectare (120 acre) domaine lies close to the spectacularly walled town of Aigues Mortes. Of all of the estates that feature in our list, this must surely lie at the lowest altitude – a mere 1 metre above sea level. The soils comprise sand, silica and limestone without any trace of clay or silt, and there has consequently never been phylloxera here. Considered during the war to have been a potentially favourable landing site, the German forces planted landmines throughout the area that now comprises the vineyard, and it remained off-limits until the end of the 1960s, when the grandfather and father of the present incumbents Natalie and Brigitte Bruel cleared the area of its deadly harvest.

The Gris de Gris is made from Grenache Noir and Gris, Carignane and Cinsault. It has a distinct and characteristic pale salmon grey/pink colour, and is delicious, crisp and fresh, with notes of white fruit, most notably peach and pear. It is lovely as an aperitif, and exceptional to drink with roasted or barbecued fish and salads. It regularly garners awards – the current vintage (2019) sports yet another Silver Medal at the prestigious Paris Concours – and deservedly remains on our summer best-sellers list year on year.


Single 6+
2020/21 GRIS DE GRIS Sable de Carmargue 12.95 12.50